Wil Delaport

Commercial Property Management


Wil Delaport has been involved in property one way or another for most of his working life.

Initially, Wil started as a conveyancing solicitor in South Africa in the 1990’s before relocating to Australia in the early 2000’s.

Wil thoroughly enjoyed the 15 years living and working in Western Australia, just a stone’s throw from the beach where he practised law in the areas of matrimonial property disputes, conveyancing and deceased estates.

Since moving to Toowoomba in 2020, Wil struggled initially to find his footing due to unfamiliarity with the area and job market, coupled with a desire to explore alternate career pathways.

Wil is grateful for the influence of Paul and Fiona Schmidt-Lee, giving Wil the opportunity to become engaged in the Commercial Property Real Estate industry.

Wil is hopeful that his journey in this space will become highly rewarding and fulfilling, and will further showcase his resilience and adaptability.

On a personal level, Wil sees himself as a practical problem solver and loves spending time with his young daughter.